[wix-users] No-UI bundle

Vanniekerk, Tyrel (GE Healthcare) tyrel.vanniekerk at ge.com
Tue Aug 30 10:17:27 PDT 2016

I used that blog and https://bryanpjohnston.com/2012/09/28/custom-wix-managed-bootstrapper-application/ to get this far.  That's when you have an actual UI running.  I just want the bootstrapper to hang around until the end or quit, but let the MSI's UI run through.  Literally all I want from this thing is to call the MSI with a custom log file name/location, that's it. Actually, I will probably also add a prerequisite for .net 4.6.1 on there as well.  Point is, the main reason I need the bootsrtapper is because you cannot modify the logging options once you are in the MSI code.

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On 30-Aug-2016 10:17 pm, "Vanniekerk, Tyrel (GE Healthcare)" < tyrel.vanniekerk at ge.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> So I am trying to customize the default log file name and location and 
> with a bootstrapper with just the one MSI in it seems to work.  So I 
> have the following:
>             <MsiPackage SourceFile="$(var.WebApiSetup.TargetPath)"
> DisplayInternalUI="yes" Compressed="yes" LogPathVariable="Temp" Vital="yes"
> />
> This seems to work well, I get the UI showing up, the log file goes to 
> the temp folder and even as an added bonus, burn automatically adds 
> the current date/time to the end of the file name, perfect, exactly what I want!
> So the next step is to create a custom BootstrapperApplication class 
> so that I can get rid of the burn UI.  I have a C# library, did the 
> stuff to AssemblyInfo.cs and created a BootstrapperApplication derived 
> class.  Now I need to figure out what the Run method has to do.  I can 
> call Dispatcher.Run(), but without a UI, how will it ever fire the 
> event to call Quit?
> Thanks,
> Tyrel
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