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Ronny, I did see that but I didn't know what schema.msi WiX was using. I searched under the WiX directory structure only to find Darice.cab which I thought was normally used for ICE tests.

Rob  - So I don't actually need to do anything

The reason I raised the concern - previously using InstallShield, I actually used the incorrect template only to find I couldn't patch the install as I was shipping just under 32767 files (hence it built in the first place).

On investigation, InstallShield has a larger template (IsMsiPklarge). So I looked at what they had defined.  InstallShield had increased the size for the File table and Media table, but looking at the Patch table the Sequence still remains at 32767, which according to msdn should have been increased.

Hence I thought I should look at check at the values used by WiX.

So what or where is the schema.msi  that is used by WiX?


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