[wix-users] Elevated CA before GUI?

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Thu Aug 18 21:49:53 PDT 2016

If the requirement is to "Run the UI elevated" then by definition the only way to address the problem is to run the UI elevated.

Using Burn isn't the really the correct solution because Burn is designed to show UI and suppress the MSI UI sequence. If you must elevate the UI then it'd make more sense to have an executable that shows no UI that starts the MSI elevated.
The fundamental problem is that launching the UI elevated is the wrong problem to solve.

Phil recommended Restart Manager, a great solution (Vista+).  CloseApplications was also mentioned, which is a deferred custom action.

Those are the provided solutions to run code elevated.

So, what you've seen is people here trying to challenge the problem definition before resorting to hacking around the systems' designs.

PS: Uninstall doesn't run the MSI UI sequence so elevated UI isn't even a thing there.

PPS: Future releases of Burn may not support "DisplayInternalUI". There are currently unsolvable problems with "DisplayInternalUI".

 Complete answers over there: http://www.firegiant.com/

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So I gather from the no response that there isn't actually a solution apart from mine?

Bob raised these issues:
* It relies on an undocumented implementation detail.
I suspect that it will never change. To elevate the msi, Burn probably runs the whole process elevated. How else would it be done?

* It breaks the ability to use the .msi normally outside the bundle.
Not quite correct. 
Bundling is not breaking the MSI. The MSI is already 'broken'.
You may run the msi inside an elevated command prompt and that will run the whole install elevated.
And then the Uninstall is messy. You have to run the uninstall from inside an elevated command prompt. Running it from Programs and Features gets errors.
We've lived with all that because we have to, as far as we know. ...until bundling

* There's existing built-in and standard functionality that solves the problem.
That seems to be deferred custom actions and they don't run in the UI part of the install. So that's not a solution.

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