[wix-users] Updates with Major.Minor.Build.Revision needed

sampat magi ssmcs060 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 07:50:41 PDT 2016

Ahh!! Something is bringing miscommunication!!!

I am thinking on the second part of the original question, which goes like

Now I am asking you to please help me find a good solution in which the
installer uses all (Major.Minor.Build.Revision) for version comparison,

which prevents downgrades with a specific error message and tells me what's
going on via properties or something so I can schedule my actions depending
on that.

Or is there any better idea???

My thought was to have type 19 CA to display appropriate downgrade error
message using version read from registry into a property!!

Yes, we should Windows Installer rules and standards to avoid additional

We differentiate our products patches with 3 version fields.


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> How is that going to get you "It should upgrade older versions..."?
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> Should an Error CustomAction (Type 19) , sequenced based on registry read
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