[wix-users] Installation on a Citrix server

Robert Goodridge robert.goodridge at lansa.com.au
Tue Aug 9 16:29:54 PDT 2016

Burn might be used to wrap the msi in an exe whose manifest specifies it should be run elevated. This means that every phase of the msi install will run with elevated privileges and not just the Server part of the install. I would not expect that to make any difference to your issue.

When you use InstallScope you must remove any Property element that sets ALLUSERS.
Also set MSIINSTALLPERUSER to an empty string:
<Property Id="MSIINSTALLPERUSER" Value="{}"/>

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Hi all,

I have an MS Office Add-In that should be deployed on Citrix servers (there are 5 servers).
So the setup project should install the Add-In for every user on that server.

After some research I found that the InstallScope in  product.wxs by default is perUser, so I changed it to perMachine.
It still installs for the current user though.

There is also a thread "Changing Burn registration to per-machine from BA" talking about a similar issue (I guess), but I'm neither familiar with Burn nor BA, so I don't really know what it is about.

Maybe someone has encountered a similar situation and was able to solve it?

PS: I'm using VS2015 and WiX 3.10

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