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David Watson dwatson at sdl.com
Mon Aug 8 02:09:47 PDT 2016

Have you ever tested this MSI (or a previous version of it) on the same machine?

Components marked as permanent persist forever and will not be uninstalled, it's probably an artefact of a previous installation.

Remove that attribute, format the test machine and try again.


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In the MSI log file for my installation I get a message that says installation of certain files were disallowed because the registry keypath exists:

EX:" MSI (c) (74:54) [00:11:16:095]: Disallowing installation of component: <comp name> since the registry keypath exists and the component is marked to never overwrite existing installations"

The component is marked to never overwrite however as far as I know the registry keypath has never existed. I.e. the value in the Key attribute of the RegistryValue node does not exists.

Here is the entire component:

       <Component Id="cmp4AA601431E38E64CD86C89C22632AEAE" NeverOverwrite="yes" Permanent="yes" Guid="D08CE615-D645-4C15-AF73-FBE77C6FC651">

         <RemoveFolder Id="RemoveThisFoldercmp4AA601431E38E64CD86C89C22632AEAE" On="uninstall" />

         <RegistryValue Root="HKCU" Key="Software\[MANUFACTURER]\[PRODUCTNAME]" Name="InstallFolder" Value="[INSTALLFOLDER]" Type="string" KeyPath="yes" />

         <File Id="filDE99D3F84687444B39C217ECF872FE34" Source="<file path>" />


I note that in the "RegistryValue" element the key is set to this: Key="Software\[MANUFACTURER]\[PRODUCTNAME]". I have searched the MSI log for the actual value for [MANUFACTURER] which I was able to find. However, this value has never been written to the registry by my application under the HKCU\Software key or anywhere else.

I am confused as to the registry key the installer is checking for to determine the keypath. I even made sure the directory for "[INSTALLFOLDER]" in the value attribute was not present before installation.

Can someone help me understand the reason for the "Disallowing installation of component" message and how to correct for it?

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