[wix-users] Patch uninstall causing Repair

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Thu Aug 4 21:46:17 PDT 2016

Not today. But something like that would be nice.

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We also have the same scenario occurring. If we install a bundled msi then a bundled patch and uninstall the bundled patch, a Repair is performed on the msi. Yet if we install the msi and msp directly, not bundled, a Repair is not required to have the DLLs reverted to the msi state rather than the msp state. So the change in 3.9 is not required for this scenario. 

Is there a patch setting which classifies the patch bundle as NOT a major upgrade and thus the bundle msi repair would not be performed when the patch bundle is uninstalled?

e.g. <Patch Classification="???"/>

We are using <Patch Classification="Update"/>

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