[wix-users] Patch uninstall causing Repair

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If patch bundle major upgrades an MSI in the base bundle, uninstalling the patch bundle will remove the upgraded MSI leaving the base bundle broken. That was fixed in v3.9 such that patch bundles repair their base bundles so the base bundles have a chance to fix removed major upgraded MSIs.

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I decided to go hunting through the 3.10.3 source, and noticed this little snippet in src\burn\engine\plan.cpp, function PlanRelatedBundlesBegin  :
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            // Automatically repair dependent bundles to restore missing
            // packages after uninstall unless we're being upgraded with the
            // assumption that upgrades are cumulative (as intended).
            if (BOOTSTRAPPER_RELATION_UPGRADE != relationType && BOOTSTRAPPER_ACTION_UNINSTALL == pPlan->action)
                pRelatedBundle->package.requested = BOOTSTRAPPER_REQUEST_STATE_REPAIR;

My scenario is simply installing a bundle, installing a patch to that bundle, then uninstalling the patch.  This seems to cause a repair of the original bundle, and all its packages.  Which isn't really what I want.  It works the way I want in 3.8, but not in 3.10 (see below).

The patch bundle has a RelatedBundle element which specifies the upgrade code of the original bundle, with action of "Patch".

Can someone kindly explain the logic behind doing a repair of the original bundle in this situation ?  It seems unnecessary.

Otherwise, I'm pretty psyched about 3.10.3.  Our next products are going out with this version.  I'd feel a little strange having to patch them with the 3.8 BA.

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Lastly, I decided to try building only the patch bootstrapper using Wix 3.8 and the patch itself in 10.3.2.  The patch uninstall behavior is back to what I was expecting.

So the issue (whatever it is) seems to be related to the standard BA in Wix 3.9 and later.  I hope this helps someone, somewhere.
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Subject: RE: Patch uninstall causing Repair

BTW A link to my previous post on the subject (re: Wix 3.9) :


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Subject: Patch uninstall causing Repair

Hi all - we have a released product which was built using Wix 3.10.2.  I am working on a minor update: purely Wix patching with an .MSP and an enclosing bundle .EXE.  We have done these kinds of patches before, most recently with Wix 3.8.

I noticed an odd thing after building the patch with Wix 3.10.2: when uninstalling the patch a repair of the product is triggered.  This is a little strange, and I wasn't expecting it.  Since the original bundle contains .Net, SQL Server Compact, MongoDB and some other things in addition to our MSI the repair takes a while.

With Wix 3.8 this didn't happen: uninstalling the patch just uninstalled the MSP and that's it.  Did this behavior change in Wix 3.9 or later ?  Did I do something wrong ?  Do I need to do something extra ?  Any hints on where to look ?

Thanks for any assistance !

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