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> To clarify, this is not an issue about setting the correct bundle
> version.  That part is already handled.  What I'm trying to do is this:
> I have two bootstrapper bundles, one for MSI and one for MSP.
> Let's say the bundle for MSI is, and MSI is as well.  The
> MSP is, and bundle for MSP is as well.
> I install the bundle with MSI, it adds the bundle entry to "Programs and
> Features", which shows it as I then install the bundle with MSP, it
> correctly updates the install files, but "Programs and Features" still
> shows, and there's no "Installed Updates" entry for the bundle.
> What I want to see is "" in the Programs and Features.
> How do I set up the bundles so this will happen?  Do they need to share
> same UpgradeCode GUID?  Or same Related Bundle GUID?  If using Related
> Bundle, which should I use? Patch, Upgrade, or Addon?  Or is this a feature
> that isn't implemented like Rob Mensching said?
> Thanks again for your help!
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