[wix-users] Patch uninstall causing Repair

robert_yang at agilent.com robert_yang at agilent.com
Mon Aug 1 16:24:50 PDT 2016

Lastly, I decided to try building only the patch bootstrapper using Wix 3.8 and the patch itself in 10.3.2.  The patch uninstall behavior is back to what I was expecting.

So the issue (whatever it is) seems to be related to the standard BA in Wix 3.9 and later.  I hope this helps someone, somewhere.
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Subject: RE: Patch uninstall causing Repair

BTW A link to my previous post on the subject (re: Wix 3.9) :


From: YANG,ROBERT (A-SantaClara,ex1)
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Subject: Patch uninstall causing Repair

Hi all - we have a released product which was built using Wix 3.10.2.  I am working on a minor update: purely Wix patching with an .MSP and an enclosing bundle .EXE.  We have done these kinds of patches before, most recently with Wix 3.8.

I noticed an odd thing after building the patch with Wix 3.10.2: when uninstalling the patch a repair of the product is triggered.  This is a little strange, and I wasn't expecting it.  Since the original bundle contains .Net, SQL Server Compact, MongoDB and some other things in addition to our MSI the repair takes a while.

With Wix 3.8 this didn't happen: uninstalling the patch just uninstalled the MSP and that's it.  Did this behavior change in Wix 3.9 or later ?  Did I do something wrong ?  Do I need to do something extra ?  Any hints on where to look ?

Thanks for any assistance !

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