[wix-users] Trouble unsubscribing from email list - a suggestion.

Foster, Richard - PAL Richard.Foster at peektraffic.com
Fri Aug 19 12:07:04 PDT 2016

Hi Linda,

I hope you don't mind me butting in. The WiX-Users mailing list is managed automatically by the mailman software and the vast majority of people (including myself) seeing your message don't have the necessary authority to modify subscription information for anyone but themselves. I.e. sending an unsubscribe request to the group address is like talking to the wall.

I do have a suggestion for you however, assuming you are still getting messages from Wix-Users after unsubscribing via the web page (which should have worked). Is it possible that you originally subscribed using a different email address which is now being redirected to your current one? I had that happen to me in the past and it was very annoying until I worked out what had happened. (I.e. I had subscribed as me at oldcompanyname which was getting redirected to me at newcompanyname. Unsubscribing using me at newcompanyname did nothing because there was no subscription associated with that address.)

If that is the problem you should be able to see the originally subscribed address from the full message headers (as it will show the forwarding information). How to show those headers is email client specific, so I'm afraid I can't provide any assistance with that step. Unsubscribe using the web page (http://lists.wixtoolset.org/listinfo.cgi/wix-users-wixtoolset.org) using the original email address and hopefully that'll clear things up. You may also want to check your spam filters. I know that subscribing to the list requires a confirmation step. It is possible that the unsubscribe mechanism has one as well.

Good luck!

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Hello. I have requested to be removed from this list 3 times. Twice here and once from the unsubscribe area on your website. Can you please unsubscribe me asap? Thank you.


Linda Pagillo

MicroNeil Research Corporation

 <http://www.microneil.com> www.microneil.com

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