[wix-users] show Msi UI during change / modify of Bundle

Lars Fiedler lhfiedler at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 10:31:35 PDT 2016

I currently have a Bundle that is installing my MSI, along with some other dependencies like the .net framework, and sql server.  I have DisplayInternalUI="yes" set, so feature selection is made through my MSI's UI during installation.   

I'd like to open up the MSI in change / modify mode when going through the ARP and clicking 'change' on the Bundle.  Is this possible? 

Can I add a modify button to the BundleTheme.xml to open the MSI like it's being opened in the ARP if I change the MSI, rather than the bundle? 

  <Page Name="Modify">
    <Text X="11" Y="80" Width="-11" Height="30" FontId="2" DisablePrefix="yes">#(loc.ModifyHeader)</Text>
    <Button Name="RepairButton" X="-171" Y="-11" Width="75" Height="23" TabStop="yes" FontId="0" HideWhenDisabled="yes">#(loc.ModifyRepairButton)</Button>
    <Button Name="UninstallButton" X="-91" Y="-11" Width="75" Height="23" TabStop="yes" FontId="0">#(loc.ModifyUninstallButton)</Button>
    <Button Name="ModifyCancelButton" X="-11" Y="-11" Width="75" Height="23" TabStop="yes" FontId="0">#(loc.ModifyCloseButton)</Button>

I'm currently showing the MSI in ARP (visible="yes") just so users can go back and add / remove features to my MSI.  But it's a little confusing to have 2 entries in the ARP.

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