[wix-users] Stumped with burn patch bundle

Patterson, Brent bcpatterson at xactware.com
Wed Aug 10 08:32:03 PDT 2016

I'm trying to figure out why the 2nd patch in this sequence doesn't apply patch (29.0 -> 29.1 -> 29.2).  The first patch applies correctly, but 2nd patch installs the bundle (I can see this in list of installed updates), but does not apply the patch.  I compared the logs of two patches, and found this:

[208C:127C][2016-08-09T17:04:44]i102: Detected related bundle: {fdbf68e4-a49c-4481-9ecc-a605ed27a46f}, type: Dependent, scope: PerMachine, version:, operation: None (Patch that worked)
[2DDC:4BD8][2016-08-09T17:08:26]i102: Detected related bundle: {3629e15b-9b0f-4d14-a656-eaab9caaf711}, type: Upgrade, scope: PerMachine, version:, operation: MajorUpgrade (Patch that didn't work)

The difference is "Dependent" vs "Upgrade" type, and "None" vs "MajorUpgrade" operation.  How do I tell the patch bundle to just apply the MSP?  It seems to try and uninstall the previous bundle (which fails since I don't allow uninstallation of patches).

This is the patch bundle's XML (I have an utility that replaces values inside brackets { } ):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Wix xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2006/wi">
    UpgradeCode="XXX" (It is the same for both patches)
    Condition="VersionNT >= v6.0"
    <BootstrapperApplicationRef Id="ManagedBootstrapperApplicationHost">
      (snipped payloads for brevity)
     <Payload SourceFile="C:\Program Files\WiX Toolset v3.10\SDK\Microsoft.Deployment.WindowsInstaller.dll"/>

    <WixVariable Id="WixMbaPrereqLicenseUrl" Value=""/>
    <WixVariable Id="WixMbaPrereqPackageId" Value=""/>

    <RelatedBundle Id="XXX" Action="Patch"/> (It is same for both patches and the install bundle, but install bundle has "detect" instead of "patch")

                     <MspPackage SourceFile="{PATH_TO_PATCH_MSP}" Compressed="yes" />


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