[wix-users] How to copy the payloads required for setup exe

shashank khadse shashank.s.khadse at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 05:35:26 PDT 2016

Hello All,
I need to copy some dlls required for execution of the setup exe.
>From the log, it seems that the exe is launched from temp directory...


How to copy the payload dlls need for execution to the directory ( created
at runtime ) with UID name

I tried using the payload options for msi package*, *but the dlls are
getting copied into a directory under* "**C:\ProgramData\Package Cache*
But since the setup executable location is different than the cached dlls*
, *the installation crashes with an error saying the required dlls missing

Is there any workaround for this issue ?

Thanks & Regards

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