[wix-users] Bad install state

Patterson, Brent bcpatterson at xactware.com
Wed Aug 3 17:07:39 PDT 2016

While testing installs, I somehow got myself into a very bad install state.  The bootstrapper UI won't uninstall correctly.  So I had to manually clean up.  I removed the program files, the program data's package cache entry for it, registry entries for the GUID that I used, even the forbidden C:\Windows\Installer that's so hidden "Show Hidden Files/Folders" doesn't show it.  Yet when I run the installer again, it says it's installed already, and shows me the "Uninstall" option, which if I try and do, it doesn't actually uninstall.

The log says "Detected related bundle: {GUID}", and I scoured the computer for anything that has that.  Even ran CCleaner that found it again in uninstall list and I uninstalled it from there, and cleaned up broken registry entries.  But that didn't fix it.  It still says the bundle was detected.  Where is it looking at?  I would like to fix this and remove whatever it is that makes the installer thinks it's already present.


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