[wix-users] MBA Multiple Instances

Jeremy Drake jeremydrake+wix at eacceleration.com
Thu Apr 28 10:31:01 PDT 2016

For this scenario in general (ie, not just installers but applications 
that need to be single-instance too), we tend to use a named mutex, and 

I think there was some more complicated method recommended on the list a 
while back.  Yes, here it is: 

If you need to pass the arguments from the newly launched instance to the 
old instance, this more complicated method would probably be for you.  For 
us, we just stick to "if mutex cannot be acquired, 
findwindow, setforegroundwindow, exit"

On Thu, 28 Apr 2016, Parkes, Kevin wrote:

> Is there a way to detect if an MBA is already running?
> Better yet, would it be possible to switch execution to the first instance and quietly close the 2nd? And, obviously, if so,  how would I do that?
> Thanks
> Kev
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