[wix-users] Burn dependencies do not work after uninstall/upgrade

Reuss, Matthias matthias.mr.reuss at sivantos.com
Wed Apr 27 02:36:12 PDT 2016

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your reply. Here we go.

I have attached an uninstallation log file.

We develop several bundles that share the logic as well as some of the MSI packages.
In the current state, three such bundles (MyBundle, OtherBundle1, OtherBundle2) have been installed. The log file is from uninstallation of MyBundle.

The packages Shared1, Shared2, and Shared3 are shared among all three bundles, whereas the packages Specific1 and Specific2 are specific for MyBundle.

In PlanPackageBegin, the CustomBA sets the RequestState (PlanPackageBeginEventArgs.State) to RequestState.None for the package Shared3. For the packages Shared1 and Shared2, the RequestState is not touched.

As a result, the uninstallation of Shared1 and Shared2 is inhibited by the dependency. For these packages, the dependencies stay functional.

For Shared3, the dependency is not checked, but uninstallation is inhibited by CustomBA (lines 77 and 100). Then the dependency provider for this package is removed regardless of the dependencies on the other two bundles (line 134).

When I uninstall one of the other bundles, the dependency information for Shared3 will no longer be there, so that Shared3 will be removed (unless inhibited by CustomBA).

I do not use any dep: tags yet, because I have not found real good documentation on that. Should I do so?

Best regards

Matthias Reuss

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Adding more information about what you are seeing is not a bad thing.

That doesn't sound right. Could be a bug in Burn or something else going on needs more investigation. I wouldn't assume this is the desired behavior.

 Short replies here. Complete answers over there: http://www.firegiant.com/

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Sorry that I have to follow up to myself...

I found out that the subkeys of HKCR\Installer\Dependencies are removed on uninstallation of the bundle (regardless whether it is a "real" uninstall or an uninstall during bundle upgrade) if the CustomBA sets the request state of the respective package to None (in PlanPackageBegin). In this case, the Burn log file contains lines such as 

[0660:090C][2016-04-21T16:50:30]i329: Removed package dependency provider: {F34A6950-7E0E-4F92-8B0E-C552F4989DA4}, package: MyPackage

If the CustomBA does not touch the request state, the dependency registration remains intact.

My conclusion is that I must either fully rely on the registered dependencies (not touch the request states) - which is likely to be sufficient in most cases or - if I have to touch the request states because of some conditional uninstallation - I cannot use the registered dependencies at all.

Is that true?´

Best regards

Matthias Reuss

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