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Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Mon Apr 25 08:49:50 PDT 2016

Annoying specifics of the Windows Installer behavior showing through.

 Short replies here. Complete answers over there: http://www.firegiant.com/

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I am trying to add support for Files In Use to my MBA and I see my ExecuteFilesInUse gets called twice:
- the first time, event args Files list contains what appears to be the PID of the running app, the Window title and 6 empty strings
- the second time, Files list contains 2 strings: Window title and Window title with " (Process Id: nnnn)" appended.

I've looked at the WiX sources but I can't quite figure out what's going on
  1) why 2 calls?
  2) will there always be 2 calls? Can I reliably "ignore" one and only display an "in use" message in the other?
  3) can I "fix" it so I only get 1 call?
  4) is there an (simple) example anywhere implementing ExecuteFilesInUse?
  5) any guidelines for handling Files In Use in an MBA?

Kevin Parkes

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