[wix-users] Burn: How to detect ProductCode of current (or any other) package in the bundle?

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
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BootstrapperApplicatData.xml sole purpose is to be used by BAs. It's not intended to be a hidden feature.

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BootstrapperApplicationData.xml is generated as part of the build process when a 'setup' (bootstrapper) project is compiled and is embedded into the bundle.exe.  (At build time, for build troubleshooting, you can find these file in your intermediate "obj\$(Configuration)" folder (by default) IF in your project properties you enable Build\'Do not delete temporary file' check box.)  

At run time on a target PC, you can launch your bundle.exe, and while it is running go to your %temp% folder.  Look at the most recent folder created with some GUID name, and then in the sub folder.  For wix 3.10.2 or later look for a folder named .ba (or .ba#) and you will find the files related to your bundle extracted, including BootstrapperApplicationData.xml.

Generally BootstrapperApplicationData.xml is a 'hidden' implementation detail of a bundle which you don't need to know about, but it does contain interesting details and you can add to those details at compile time to pass data to you BA.

You can add data to the BootstrapperApplicationData.xml by using the CustomTable/@BootstrapperApplicatinData='yes' attribute.
This post might help fro reading the xml file:   

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