[wix-users] Current state of driver deployment

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Mon Apr 11 07:11:25 PDT 2016

Yeah, it would be great if Windows would publish the source code. Then we'd be able to fix it.

 Short replies here. Complete answers over there: http://www.firegiant.com/

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Hi all,

I'm having on-going problems with DIFXApp and I just wanted to check in and see if this is still the expected way to deal with driver installation, and whether anything has gotten better since the information discovered in this thread:


As pointed out in the thread, it really seems that the expected method of installing drivers does not at all fit well with software deployment. 
Is this still the case? There's a recurring issue where the DIFXApp custom actions leave things in a broken state, and a repair is needed to correct the issue (even to uninstall). This mainly seems to be an issue with rollback, but given the occurrences we're seeing here, that can't be the only thing causing it. From reading the link above, it seems that DIFXApp won't be fixed, and that it might not even be possible. Has anything changed in the years since that thread? I have looked online for updated information several times and I always keep coming back to the same information.


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