[wix-users] Transform Error

Tobias S tobias.s1979 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 01:23:47 PDT 2016

In case of changing compilers from IS to WiX Candle Light I'd definitely
vote for a major upgrade. This is a big step as IS and WiX MSIs contain
much different tables. Even the IS guys have so many custom tables dark
doesn't handle 100 % correct.

BTW: what's your approach: 1033.mst sounds like a IS generated transform.
Do you want to apply that to WiX MSI?

In that case I'd definitely vote for cleanup the dark project or even
better for new creating a WiX project with manual adding the stuff from the
darked IS MSI and afterwards major upgrade (without migrating feature
states!) with WiX MSI / MST infrastructure

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