[wix-users] WiX# (WiX Sharp) using WiX

Tony DiRenzo anthony_direnzo at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 24 14:03:10 PDT 2015

OK Folks ... almost there!
I wiped the slate clean and re-installed Wix Toolset and Wix Sharp.
My preference is to use VS 2013 and I see the WixSharp Template under the Visual C# category.
But the "Windows Installer XML" is uder the Visual C++ category.
Does that matter?


     On Thursday, September 24, 2015 4:33 PM, John Cooper <JoCooper at jackhenry.com> wrote:

 1) VS 2015
    Yes, NuGet Package Manager comes with VS 2015, and it is significantly more integrated in several respects;
    No, VS 2015 is NOT a prerequisite for WiX

2) I have VS 2010, VS 2012, VS 2013, and VS 2015 installed.  All of them display the the WiX project templates correctly.  WiX 3.10 supports all of these VS's.  But to make it work, all the VS's you want supported must be installed at the time you install WiX.  This is because the WiX installer needs to "dance" with VS to get the version-specific bits installed and running--if the VS isn't installed at the time of the WiX installer run, then it will get SKIPPED and the processing will not be done.

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I appreciate all the hints thus far.  Thank you.

This is the situation:

1.    I already had VS 2010 Premium and VS Professional 2013 on my machine before installing anything WiX related.

2.    After installing WiX Toolset, the VS2010 new project templates contain the “Windows Installer XML” 

3.    “Windows Installer XML” is absent from VS2013

4.    After installing WiX Sharp, the “WixSharp” shows up VS2013 new project templates.

5.    “WixSharp” is absent from the VS2010 templates

Another thread mentioned Votive Bits to solve this problem.  What is that?  How does one manipulate them to get both options for new projects under one IDE?

I noticed some responses on this thread indicate that they are using VS 2015 and installed both WiX Toolset and WiX Sharp without any issues.

Is VS 2015 the requirement for both WiX Toolset and WiX Sharp?

I don’t see a NuGet Package Manager in my IDE’s, is that also part of VS 2015?

Sorry about all the questions.  I am having a difficult time getting a WiX/Wix# development environment with a VS IDE up and running.  (That’s what happens when Linux developers transition to Visual Studio environments and how to setup things).
I am thinking about installing VS 2015, and then re-running the WiX Toolset and WiX Sharp installers.
Would that jump-start me?
Or would I need to uninstall all VS's and WiX related items and start from scratch with VS 2015.



    On Wednesday, September 23, 2015 4:00 AM, Vic Tabram <Vic.Tabram at minervauk.com> wrote:

 I should add that the best way to get Wix# up and running is to do the following:

Install the Wix toolset.
Install the Visual Studio Wix# templates from Oleg's Wix# site Create a new project based on one of those templates.
Install Wix# into that project via nuget.

Vic Tabram
Tech Development Manager  .  Minerva  .  t:01707 607100

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Subject: [wix-users] WiX# (WiX Sharp) using WiX

Does any one use WiX Sharp? 
We were thinking of using WiX Sharp, but I am not familiar with either WiX Sharp or the Windows Install XML (WiX).

Does WiX need to be installed first before install WiX-sharp? 

Does one need to know all the details of the XML in WiX to use the WiX-Sharp templates in Visual Studio?

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