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Steven Ogilvie Steven.Ogilvie at titus.com
Mon Sep 21 14:35:44 PDT 2015

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Okay interesting...

Looking at the code in  .\WIX_ToolSet_v3.10\src\ext\BalExtension\wixstdba\WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.cpp in the method:

It is trying to read: 
hr = XmlGetAttributeNumber(pNode, L"ShowFilesInUse", &dwBool);
        if (E_NOTFOUND == hr)
            hr = S_OK;
        else if (SUCCEEDED(hr))
            m_fShowFilesInUse = 0 < dwBool;
        BalExitOnFailure(hr, "Failed to get ShowFilesInUse value.");

Looking at the .\.ba1\BootstrapperApplicationData.xml file that variable is not listed:
<WixStdbaOptions SuppressDowngradeFailure="1" SuppressRepair="1" ShowVersion="1" />

I don't think this variable is being read properly... (i.e. setting ShowFilesInUse="no")...

Can someone please see if this is an issue



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Our main branch uses WiX 3.10 QA/Management do not like the "new" ShowFilesInUse dialog.
I have set ShowFilesInUse to "no" the dialog still pops up...

How do you TURN this feature OFF?

It was added by:
WixBuild: Version
creativbox: WIXFEAT:4382 - Added files-in-use UI to WixStdBA



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[Steven Ogilvie]
I would like some help with this please...

How do I turn OFF ShowFilesInUse, I do have ShowFilesInUse=no but the dialog still shows...



Hi Folks,

QA and Management are getting upset with the FileInUse dialog popping up in the Bootstrapper during our Client install.

Using WiX 3.10

I had "ShowFilesInUse="yes" so this morning I put 'ShowFilesInUse="no"' rebuilt my project and ran it.

During uninstall the FileInUse dialog still shows in the Boostrapper...How do I turn it off?
The MSI's are run silent during install/uninstall...
my bundle.wxs looks like:<BootstrapperApplicationRef Id="WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.RtfLicense">      <Payload SourceFile="$(var.scSourcePath)\SideBanner.png" Compressed="yes" />      <Payload SourceFile="$(var.scSourcePath)\end-user license.png" Compressed="yes" />      <Payload SourceFile="$(var.scSourcePath)\Background.png" Compressed="yes" />      <bal:WixStandardBootstrapperApplication        SuppressOptionsUI="no"        LogoFile="$(var.resourcePath)\classification.png"        ThemeFile="$(var.SolutionDir)Include\HyperlinkTheme.xml"        LocalizationFile="$(var.SolutionDir)Include\HyperlinkTheme_ClientSuite.wxl"        LicenseFile="$(var.resourcePath)\CLIENT_SUITE_EULA_text.rtf"        ShowFilesInUse="no"        SuppressRepair="yes"        SuppressDowngradeFailure="yes"></bal:WixStandardBootstrapperApplication>    </BootstrapperApplicationRef>

my theme file is:<Page Name="FilesInUse">    <Image X="00" Y="00" Width="493" Height="58" ImageFile="Logo.png" Visible="no"/>    <Static X="0" Y="309" Width="495" Height="1" HexStyle="0x00000200L"/>    <Static X="0" Y="58" Width="495" Height="1" HexStyle="0x00000200L"/>    <Text X="11" Y="-11" Width="246" Height="17" FontId="4" DisablePrefix="yes">#(loc.InstallVersion)</Text>    <Text X="11" Y="60" Width="-11" Height="30" FontId="2" DisablePrefix="yes">#(loc.FilesInUseHeader)</Text>    <Text X="11" Y="101" Width="-11" Height="34" FontId="3" DisablePrefix="yes">#(loc.FilesInUseLabel)</Text>    <Text Name="FilesInUseText"  X="11" Y="130" Width="-11" Height="-86" FontId="3" DisablePrefix="yes" HexStyle="0x0000C000"></Text>    <Button Name="FilesInUseCloseRadioButton" X="11" Y="-85" Width="-11" Height="23" TabStop="yes" FontId="0" HideWhenDisabled="yes" HexStyle="0x000009">#(loc.FilesInUseCloseRadioButton)</Button>    <Button Name="FilesInUseDontCloseRadioButton" X="11" Y="-65" W
 idth="-11" Height="23" TabStop="yes" FontId="0" HideWhenDisabled="yes" HexStyle="0x000009">#(loc.FilesInUseDontCloseRadioButton)</Button>    <Button Name="FilesInUseOkButton" X="-91" Y="-11" Width="75" Height="23" TabStop="yes" FontId="0" HideWhenDisabled="yes">#(loc.FilesInUseOkButton)</Button>    <Button Name="FilesInUseCancelButton" X="-11" Y="-11" Width="75" Height="23" TabStop="yes" FontId="0">#(loc.FilesInUseCancelButton)</Button>  </Page>
The Bootstrapper log file does not have ShowFilesInUse...
Am I missing something?


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