[wix-users] util:XmlFile logging sensitive info

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And maybe re-opening the bug for triage if you really think it should be handled by WiX.

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I don't remember a discussion on this, but their suggestion would mean doing a custom build of the Wix UtilExtension.  In 3.10, it would be in .\src\ext\UtilExtension\wixlib\UtilExtension_Platform.wxi, at lines 149-151.  The suggestion was to just add HideTarget="yes" on those 3 custom actions.

If you weren't up for a custom build, you could use a tool like Orca or InstEdit and manually modify the bit flags on those 3 custom actions (or'ing it with 0x2000).

The logs you sent are from Windows Installer prepping to call the Util custom actions, not from the CA/Code itself.

As for Phil's suggestion, if that works I'd be impressed (and it probably would be the easiest way).

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