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1. I ran into this issue as well.  I have the main BA, and the patcher BA.  In the patcher one, I have <RelatedBundle Id="(GUID of related bundle}" Action="Patch"/> with the related bundle being declared in main BA like this: <RelatedBundle Id="(Same GUID as patcher's RelatedBundle)" Action="Detect"/>.  I also made sure the versioning isn't a major upgrade (don't replace the first number in the 4 numbers).  What this does is tell the patcher to look for a related bundle, if it exists, it patches that, not replace it.  The main BA sets up the GUID as a reference point for the patcher.  I have the Bundle properties of both basically the same, except for Upgrade Code and Version, which is different.  When you install the patch, it'd get listed under "View Installed Updates", and retain the main BA in the "Uninstall Programs".  The downside to this is that the main BA's version never changes in the list, even though patch was applied.  But the upside is that if you uninstall the main BA, it will uninstall the patches related to it as well.

2. You can know if it's being uninstalled silently by checking in the class, that inherits from BootstrapperApplication, "Command.Action", it should be set to "Uninstall", and "Command.Display", it'd be set to either "Display.None" or "Display.Embedded".  If both of those are true, then it's being uninstalled silently, and you shouldn't show any dialogs from the BA.

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Hi everyone,

When installing a new bundle with a higher version than the previously installed bundle, The old cached bundle is run to silent uninstall (and the state that's written is MajorUpgrade).

My question is:
-          Is there a way to only MinorUpdate the bundle? As in to only replace the cached file?
-          And how can I know in my custom BA that I am uninstalling silently now because of a MajorUpgrade of newer bundle?


Roni (Aron) Fuchs

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