[wix-users] VC redist merge module: 64-bit DLL copied to 32-bit Windows folder

David Connet dcon at agilityrecordbook.com
Thu Sep 3 07:19:25 PDT 2015

On 9/2/2015 11:41 PM, Daan Nusman wrote:
> Thanks for the info, I'm obviously not well-versed in MSI's.  I had a look
> using Orca. This is the row for vcruntime140.dll (there are more C++/C DLLs)
> component:
> vcruntime140.dll_system_amd64.A38EBF59_3A35_3759_B824_C9816882FA56	
> compnendid: {B33258FD-750C-3B42-8BE4-535B48E97DB4}	
> directoty: SystemFolder_amd64_VC.A38EBF59_3A35_3759_B824_C9816882FA56	
> attributes: 0		
> keypath: vcruntime140.dll.A38EBF59_3A35_3759_B824_C9816882FA56
> So, no 64-bits flags set. None of the DLLs have them set. So it seems the
> x64 CRT merge module provided  with VS2015 is buggy. I'll try to submit a
> bug report to MS somewhere. Thanks for your help!
> ~ Daan

I did notice that the Summary Info sets the platform to x64. (And it was 
created with wix 3.7.3517.0)


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