[wix-users] Propagating /norestart to ExePackage payloads

Edwin Castro egcastr at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 14:48:28 PDT 2015

I have a bundle that uses ExePackage to install the Visual C++
runtime. We typically execute our bundle with the /norestart command
line argument because we want system administrators to decide when the
reboot should occur rather than the installer. We specify the /quiet
and /log arguments to the Visual C++ runtime exe installer (it appears
to be a burn bundle as well based on the log produced).

Every so often we see that the Visual C++ runtime installer requests a
reboot because a file it wanted to replace was in use and a reboot is
required to complete the install. The behavior we're seeing is that
our bundle continues installing its packages but the system reboots
while we're still installing. This causes our remaining packages to
fail in many different ways. We'd like to avoid the restart at all
costs and give system administrators the chance to schedule the reboot
themselves at some point in time after the install has completed.

Is there a way to force /norestart within the bundle itself without
using the /norestart command line argument?

If not, is there way to detect if /norestart was set so that I can
customize the ExePackage/@InstallCommand for Visual C++ with
/norestart if our bundle was executed with /norestart?

Edwin G. Castro

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