[wix-users] question about suppresssignatureverification and verifyhash

MinJie Tong minjiet at microsoft.com
Mon Sep 21 17:11:09 PDT 2015


I have this complicated issue.  We are shipping a couple of files in a wix bundle that is modified after the bundle is built.  I can't change this order as the modification sometimes take days.   In the early days of wix 3.7,  we've been getting around this issue by building a custom MSI and set the suppresssignatureverification = no for that payload in the bundle.  This allows bundle to only check the signature for verification and ignore wrong hashes. So we copy the custom MSI back into the bundle.   This worked great.

We are now wix3.7 RTM, and it seems like this behavior was changed to that hash verification must happen regardless.  This makes our scenario impossible.   It seems like after this change, any sort of postbuild modification is impossible now.  Even if I wanted to build a black box EXE with the modified files, still hashes will be checked.   Do you have any suggestions on what we can do?


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