[wix-users] .Net Framework install not working

Patterson, Brent bcpatterson at xactware.com
Mon Sep 21 12:01:28 PDT 2015

I've ran into a problem with .NET framework.  My burn bundle requires 3.5 to run, and installs 4.5.2 as part of pre-req mechanism for the software it's installing.  The 4.5.2 part works correctly.  But if the machine the user is installing on does not have 3.5 or higher installed, it prompts the user with Microsoft's "Download and Install .Net Framework" when launching the bundle.  If the user clicks cancel, it simply closes and not launch the burn bundle.  If the user clicks "Download & Install", it seem to do something for a short while, then closes.  But it doesn't install 3.5 .Net.  I don't see a progress bar or anything to indicate that it's running.  Checking task manager does not reveal anything.

To clarify, this is NOT a part of the burn bundle pre-req install, as the burn requires 3.5 to operate.  Is there some kind of setting or something for when building the burn bundle that affects this?  Why is this not working?  We're targeting operating systems that should have 3.5 already installed at minimum, but need to handle cases where some users may have all .net framework uninstalled.  I would assume that with the burn targeting 3.5, Windows should handle .Net installation required to run the bundle.  We're currently using WiX 3.9.


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