[wix-users] UAC dialog icon

Parkes, Kevin Kevin.Parkes at wacom.eu
Wed Sep 16 03:13:00 PDT 2015

With a previous version of my installer, the UAC elevation dialog would display our application's icon. In the current build it is only displaying a generic icon.

I have 2 <Icon> elements, one for ARPPRODUCTICON (which refers to an ICO file) and one for a shortcut (which refers to an EXE). ICO and EXE have both changed between versions but otherwise <Icon> elements are unchanged.

The previous version would have been built with WiX v3.7 or 3.8; I am currently using v3.9.

It's only a cosmetic issue but it would be nice to show our icon: any idea why it might have "gone away" or how I can get it back?


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