[wix-users] Wix Burn: Rollbackboundary was discarded?

Farrukh Waheed farrukh1 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 03:13:12 PDT 2015

While compiling Burn project I'm getting following warning:

MyBundle.wxs(111,0): warning LGHT1129: The RollbackBoundary
'rba6ABCDA022AB9852FA39D23549E335DF4' was discarded because it was not
followed by a package. Without a package the rollback boundary doesn't do
anything. Verify that the RollbackBoundary element is not followed by
another RollbackBoundary and that the element is not at the end of the

And here is my chain:

  <PackageGroupRef Id         = "NetFx451Redist"  />
  <PackageGroupRef Id         = "VC_ReDist_120" After="NetFx451Redist"   />

  <RollbackBoundary />
  <MsiPackage      Id         = "MainProduct"
                   DisplayName             = "$(var.ProductName)"
                   DisplayInternalUI       = "no"
                   Visible                 = "no"
                   Compressed              = "yes"
                   SourceFile              = "$(var.MainProduct)"
                   Vital                   = "yes"
                   After                   = "NetFx451Redist"
                   InstallCondition="NETFRAMEWORK45 >=
        Name                  = "DIR_PROGFILES_64_VA"
        Value                 = "[DestinationDir]"/>

*Question:* So what's wrong with this RollbackBoundary here?



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