[wix-users] Custom Action disappeared from MSI

kurt.jensen at us.ophiropt.com kurt.jensen at us.ophiropt.com
Tue Sep 8 14:00:06 PDT 2015

We removed some code from a WXS.  Now the custom action referenced in the WXS is not included in the MSI (as verified in Orca) and thus not executed.

If we simply move this code

      <!-- Run CAInstall after InstallFiles only if the product was not installed (i.e. do not run on uninstall) -->
      <Custom Action="CAInstall" After="InstallFiles">NOT Installed</Custom>
      <!-- Run CAUninstall before RemoveFiles only if the product was installed (i.e. only run on uninstall) -->
      <Custom Action="CAUninstall" Before="RemoveFiles">Installed</Custom>

to another file in the project then the custom action is included in the MSI and the custom action is executed.

How can moving these few lines have such an effect?

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