[wix-users] Difxapp and minor upgrades

Hannu Napari hannu.napari at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 09:01:12 PDT 2015


I seem to be having some problems with drivers and minor upgrades on
Windows 7 and 10. The drivers in question are network filter drivers.

If I create a minor upgrade package, the sys-files in system32\drivers are
not updated correctly. After the upgrade the old versions of the sys-files
are present, not the updated ones.

The logs (MSI, setupapi) show no issues during the update. The driver files
in system32\drvstore are updated as expected.

Uninstallation works and it will remove the sys-files from system32/drivers
as well. Also major upgrade works as expected.

Any ideas where to look for the cause of this problem?



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