[wix-users] Features and Sub-Features

Robert Beardsworth rob_beardsworth at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 2 16:58:06 PDT 2015

Hi All,   let's say that I have a feature (in name only) F , which consists of 2 parts, F1/F2 . F1 and F2 both have components, say C1/C2. In addition, there is a common component C which is required by both C1 and C2. When someone installs F, they should be able to install F1 or F2 or F1&F2. There is no "neither F1 nor F2".
In the 2 cases:
A stand-alone "F" msi"F" as part of a larger product msi 
How can I make sure that:
C IS installed if either F1 or F2 is selectedC is NOT installed if neither F1 nor F2 are installedIf neither F1 nor F2 is selected, then F is also "entire feature will not be installed" 
? (Obviously if the 3rd question is easily done, then adding C to F will handle the 2nd one)
Do I have to write a custom UI, or can this easily be done with or without a standard UI?
Thanks, Rob

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