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Colin Sim Colin.Sim at ipfx.com
Thu Dec 17 11:57:03 PST 2015

Hi Phil,

In this case, you are right, it appears InstallShield uses the Class table to register COM components and that is what is causing the self-heal to occur. 

Thanks for your help,

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Try working backwards from the Application Event Log MsiInstaller entries from the repairs and see if they are for the same component. 

Repair can also be triggered from COM registration in the Class table, file associations, and from conflicts with other installed products. WiX COM registration using the Registry table would cause a difference in behavior because it won't trigger repair. 

Phil W  

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Hi all,

I have a WiX project that is a rewrite of an InstallShield project. However, I'm noticing some behavioural differences that I don't understand around self-healing (resiliency). For the InstallShield project, when I double-click an EXE (regardless of whether it has an advertised shortcut or
not) a repair is triggered if any of the components (key pathed files) are missing.  However, this does not happen for the WiX installer. The only way I can get the repair to trigger is to invoke the advertised shortcut.

How do I get the WiX installer to behave the same way as the InstallShield project? Is there a setting or configuration parameter that I'm missing?

Kind regards,

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