[wix-users] how to debug/locate LGHT0001 error?

Ian Bell ib at ianbellsoftware.com
Tue Dec 1 14:19:52 PST 2015

Evening Keith,

How were you able to get Candle to generate the line number?   Are you
running Candle from the command line or as part of the build process in
Visual Studio?     I am building my WIX projects in VS2015 and, even when
adding the argument -pedantic, the only information Candle generated to
indicate a build error is:
     1>light.exe(0,0): error LGHT0001: Illegal characters in path.

I am using the '/l*v' argument to generate the log file.  As you indicate,
it is a challenge wading through the information.    


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On the first point:

Candle at least produces errors with line numbers. For example, the below
says that the error took place in the file
(C:\InstallerBuilder\ICOS\EQ\Wxs\aaaaaaaaaaaa-20151201161227.wxs) indicated
at line 69.

C:\InstallerBuilder\ICOS\EQ\Wxs\aaaaaaaaaaaa-20151201161227.wxs(69) : error
CNDL0123 : The Iis:WebAppPool/@MaxWorkerProcesses attribute's value,
'500000', is not in the range of legal values.  Legal values for this
attribute are from 0 to 32767.

On the third:
Running your packages in verbose mode (/l*v) is very helpful, but learning
to read the resulting logs is a challenge for sure - one I am still learning

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