[wix-users] Custom Action run on MajorUpdate twice

RonnyS ronnys.coding at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 01:58:46 PST 2015

Hello i have a problem with my CustomActions.
My CA_PRE_Install CA run twice on MajorUpdate.

I see that the CA_PRE_Install runs first from the old installation then
runs the CA_POST_Install from the new Installation and then runs the
CA_PRE_Install from the old installation a second time.

Here my definition:

<Binary Id="CA.DLL" SourceFile="CA.dll"/>
<CustomAction Id="CA_POST_Install" BinaryKey="CA.DLL"
DllEntry="CAPostInstall"  Execute="deferred" Return="ignore" />

<CustomAction Id="CA_PRE_Install" BinaryKey="CA.DLL"
DllEntry="CAPreInstall"   Execute="immediate" Return="ignore" />

<Custom Action="CA_PRE_Install" After="CostFinalize" >Installed</Custom>
<Custom Action="CA_POST_Install" Before="InstallFinalize">NOT

Hope you can help me how to schedule my CA`s correctly.

Thanks Ronny

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