[wix-users] Heat harvest tool options

Alan Wheeler wbctech at live.com
Wed Dec 16 08:55:34 PST 2015

I'm successfully creating a .msi file using Heat to generate my file list -
very cool (yes, I'm a novice and easily impressed J).


This is my heat.bat:

heat.exe project "<path to>\ wpfApp1.vbproj" -pog Binaries -gg -g1 -out
"<path to the setup project folder>\HeatFile.wxs"


When I run heat.bat my resultant HeatFile.wxs has the following Id's:

<DirectoryRef Id="wpfApp1.Binaries">

<ComponentGroup Id="wpfApp1.Binaries">


But the corresponding lines in the default product.wxs are:

In the 'directory fragment': <Directory Id="INSTALLFOLDER" Name=./>

In the 'feature fragment': <ComponentGroupRef Id="ProductComponents" />


I tried to use -dr and -cg switches to change the HeatFile.wxs Id values to:

<DirectoryRef Id=" INSTALLFOLDER ">

<ComponentGroup Id=" ProductComponents ">

but nothing changed.


When using Heat, does "harvestType = project" combined with -pog switch
override the -dr & -cg switches?


Is there a place in the documentation that explains a little more detail
what's happening here?


Finally, is there a technique to get Heat to give me the  Id's I want, or do
I simply have to edit the product.wxs to get the Id's to automatically match

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