[wix-users] How to run CA only on Uninstall

Mark Vulfson markvu at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 23:31:02 PST 2015

I am trying to get my Custom Action to ONLY run on honest to goodness
uninstall (repair is acceptable) but I can't seem to get the condition
quite right.
The CA keeps running on minor upgrade always (i.e. maintenance mode).

This is what I tried:

            <Custom Action="UninstallOnlyCA" After="RemoveFiles">


            <Custom Action="UninstallOnlyCA" After="RemoveFiles">
          <![CDATA[REMOVE~="All" OR MaintenanceMode="Remove"]]>

Neither gets me what I want. How can I make it run only during an actual
uninstall not during upgrade, not during maintenance mode, or install?


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