[wix-users] don't check files every time application gets executed

Ike Casteleyn Ike.Casteleyn at compufit.be
Mon Dec 14 02:24:07 PST 2015


I created an msi using wix and everything is installed correctly.
After the installation an init-application is started which initialises the user's database.
During this initialization 2 input db's (which came with the installer) are imported and then deleted on disk (this is so we won't do the import again).
Close the application

If I launch my application again now, the setup wants to restore those 2 files.
This is something that I do not want.
Can I disable this functionality.

Even more updates to our software are not done with a new msi, but rather through the application itself.
Does the setup also check for files that are there, but have a different version (exe, dll) or a different date (config files, database files)?
Because if that is the case, I would want to disable that too.

Best regards
Ike Casteleyn

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