[wix-users] WiX MSI Failing to upgrade all components

Colin Sim Colin.Sim at ipfx.com
Sun Dec 13 01:21:20 PST 2015

This question relates to this past post http://lists.wixtoolset.org/pipermail/wix-users-wixtoolset.org/2015-July/000014.html but now I have had time to reproduce the error on a much smaller scale with logs I can hopefully upload to the mailing list.

I have an installer that contains a single component (this is the simplified case). I have created two installers:
    - ServerInstaller.1.0.0.msi, which contains BackupUtil.exe version 6.4.70.
    - ServerInstaller.1.0.1.msi, which contains BackupUtil.exe version 6.4.71.

After ServerInstaller.1.0.0.msi is installed and BackupUtil.exe is manually replaced with a higher version, say 6.4.78, when I run ServerInstaller.1.0.1.msi, BackupUtil.exe gets removed. I am expecting it to be left alone.

I couldn't see anything obvious that is wrong apart from perhaps "Skipping RemoveExistingProducts action: current configuration is maintenance mode or an uninstall". I am very new installer is correctly updated to perform a major upgrade, i.e. there is a new ProductCode, new PackageCode, and version number. The UpgradeCode remains the same.

I have attached the logs to this post; hopefully, someone can see the thing I'm doing wrong.


PS: I am observing this same type of behaviour on our old installers that are authored in InstallShield. So my gut is telling me this is something fundamentally wrong with Windows Installer itself.

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