[wix-users] Fwd: Install WiX Bootstrapper Prerequisite Before Displaying UI

Ben Key bkey76 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 10:08:45 PST 2015

Is it possible to have one or more prerequisites installed before the Burn
custom user interface? The scenario I have in mind is that the custom user
interface depends on the prerequisites.

The documentation I have found thus far indicates that you use the Chain
element to install multiple packages. The packages are installed in the
order that they are listed in the Chain element. However none of the
documentation I have found indicates at which point when the UI is actually
displayed or how to control this?

One document on How To: Install the .NET Framework Using Burn
seems to suggest that this may not be possible. For example it contains the
following sentences.

"Target your bootstrapper application to the version of .NET built into the
operating system. For Windows 7, this is .NET 3.5."

Why would it specifically state that you need to target the version of .NET
built into the operating system if you could be certain that the version of
.NET you included in the bootstrapper would be available at the time the UI
is displayed?

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