[wix-users] run installed application after setup doesn't work as expected wit custom ui sequence

Ike Casteleyn Ike.Casteleyn at compufit.be
Wed Dec 9 03:05:21 PST 2015


I'm new to wix and trying to create an installer.

What I want:
An installer that gives the customer a possibility to choose the installationdir, no license agreement dialog and optionally runs the application after setup.

What I did:
I took the the sample wxs-file from http://wixtoolset.org/documentation/manual/v3/howtos/ui_and_localization/run_program_after_install.html
Candle and link this step, works as expected (setup closes, application is launched).

I then changed the WixUI_Minimal to WixUI_InstallDir and added the the wixui_installdir property.
Candle and link this step, works as expected (setup closes, application is launched)

Next follow the steps in http://wixtoolset.org/documentation/manual/v3/wixui/wixui_customizations.html
to change the dialog sequence.
The same steps performed, only the Publish for the ExitDlg is kept as previously.
Candle and link this.
Behaviour I get:
the setup doesn't close (whether the checkbox is checked or not) during install
the setup doesn't close when uninstalling too.

I have added my wxs-file.
The guids in that file are correct guids (but dummies).

What am I doing wrong?

Best regards,

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