[wix-users] $(var.MyProject.en-US.TargetPath) variable in Bootstrap (WiX 3.10)

Simona Avornicesei savornicesei at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 01:33:09 PST 2015

Hi all,

I have a setup project with a dot in it's name and localized (e.g.
MyProject.Installer) and a bootstrap project also with a dot in it's name
(e.g. MyProject.Setup).

In the bootstrap project I have added a reference to MyProject.Installer
and I also added the generated msi to the chain like this:
<MsiPackage Id="$(var.ExeName)"
SourceFile="$(var.MyProject.Installer.en-US.TargetPath)" Cache="yes"
Compressed="yes" Vital="yes" Visible="yes" />

However, when I build the bootstrap project I get the error:
Undefined preprocessor variable

The msi is created in MyProject.Installer\bin\Debug\en-US\ and wix supports
projects with dot in their names so I do not see why it's not recognizing
the TargetPath variable.

Any hint is highly appreciated.


Best regards,
Simona Avornicesei | Microsoft Certified Professional

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