[wix-users] showing msi UI in bootstrapper application

Goran Malovic malovicg at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 6 11:16:47 PST 2015

I have one msi where I have WixUI_FeatureTree. This UI gives all required options to complete my setup task. I allow user to choose where to install application, set the features that need to be installed, and nothing else.
This works well using msi. My application also requires .NET Framework v4. As per documentation, .NET framework must be installed separately from msi package, so we need to use burn. Burn, as far as i see, does not have the same UI options as the msi UI has.

So, question: how can I create setup.exe that can do this:
1) install .net framework,if necessarry2) provide the same UI as with ther msi?
I know that I can make custom bootstraper application, but that requires dealing a lot of coding for a very simple task.

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