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Thanks for the reply.  The link that I posted is the NIST 8060 Second Draft July 2015 for the public review period (from July 22, 2015 to August 7, 2015) of the US NIST implementation of the ISO-770-2-2015 standard.  Each country's standards organization (NIST for the US) needs to adopt the ISO standard, and in doing so give guidance on how to implement the standard with examples.  A blog on the new ISO-770-2-2015 recommended looking at NISTIR 8060 Public Draft which is the US implementation of ISO-20770-2-2015.   I will do some more experimenting with the new wix 3.10 build, but it seems that the standard requires that the Entity/@role attribute be specified as one example of my question.  The example that I posted are the basic required elements for a 'Primary' tag.  I did not figure out how to do a 'Corpus' tag yet, but I have some testing that I need to do.

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It looks like that is for the 2009 version of the standard.  There's a newer 2015 standard.

Regardless if you look into the code (for example the code Rob checked in for 2015) you'll see that wix sets a lot automatically like the software version, software name (you can override with the name attribute), software unique ID, manufacturer name (which it gets from burn or mis), ...


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With Wix I am investigating adding swid:tag back into my Bundle.   I found a draft of the spec at:

(and the page that took me to that link warned that he link might be broke when a new draft is posted by NIST.)

I find the draft rather confusing with lots of MUSTs, which I don't see a way to set using the WixTagExtension.  (To be fair I have not compiled this yet or installed it so, but I don't know how wix would know some of this stuff without entering it.

So for the following example form the spec, I guess I would use the following wix authoring.  Does this seem correct?

Does the 'globally unique tag identifier' get generated?
Seems like Entity/@role is required  ?

My bundle install 32 bit apps, 64 bit apps, and app data files.  It seems like I should only set the 32 bit install location.  Is that the intent?

They also talk about the importance of signing the tags, particularly a "Corpus" tag, but I get the sense that WixTagExtension only supports a "Primary" or "Patch" tag and not "Corpus" or "Supplemental".

<swid:Tag Regid="acme.com" InstallPath="[InstallFolder]"/>

>From page 16 of:
NISTIR 8060 (Second DRAFT) Guidelines for the Creation of Interoperable SWID Tags Example of basic Primary tag

772 <SoftwareIdentity
773 xmlns="http://standards.iso.org/iso/19770/-2/2015/schema.xsd"
774 name="ACME Roadrunner Management Suite Coyote Edition"
775 tagId="com.acme.rms-ce-v4-1-5-0"
776 tagVersion="0"
777 version="4.1.5">
778 <Entity
779 name="The ACME Corporation"
780 regid="acme.com"
781 role="tagCreator softwareCreator"/>
782 ...
783 </SoftwareIdentity>

Thanks for all of the work.  The business does not require that I use SWID tags yet, but I would like to do it properly so just looking for advice.

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