[wix-users] two packages, three bundles

Colin Sim Colin.Sim at ipfx.com
Sun Aug 23 12:04:21 PDT 2015

I don't understand what "rolling back" and "old bundles must be repaired" means here?

How do the aforementioned things affect Burns ability to manage installation and uninstallation of its constituent components?

Would one work around be to add a check in the bootstrapper to check for the presence of a client or server, regardless of version (possibly leave alone if it's the same version as what's in the bootstrapper); if either exists, bail out and request that the user uninstall them first. That way, at least, you'll know the bootstrapper is run in a "clean" environment.

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Major upgrades involved? If so, "rolling back" major upgrades is an unsolved (aka: really freakin' hard) issue in Burn today. The old bundles must be repaired.

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For my product, I have separate MSI files for the client and server. I then have three bundles: Client, Server, and Combo. The combo installs both client and server packages. My QA team has reported some confusion when they install the combo after one of the other two. If you uninstall the combo it uninstalls the client and/or the server but leaves the bundle entries in the Add/Remove Programs. What would be the recommended approach here? I think the combo installer should replace the client and/or server packages that are already installed, but I don't see how to give it two upgrade codes.
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