[wix-users] SWID Tag in Product, still breaks incremental building

Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
Fri Aug 28 06:59:58 PDT 2015

In the WiX online meeting #78 the comment was made that it was thought that the SWID tag changes in WiX may have resolved the issue where a SWID tag in a Product element breaks doing incremental builds, which had been deferred to be resolved in 4.x.  My observation is that the issue still exists in WiX  I added the tag to a MSI Product element, and built the project.  Then I built (not Rebuild) the project again and Link phase was repeated for each supported culture.  When I remove the swid:Tag from the Product element, and build the project, and then build the project again (not doing a Rebuild), since the project was unchanged the compile and link are skipped.

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