[wix-users] More on unbind

Keith.Douglas at statcan.gc.ca Keith.Douglas at statcan.gc.ca
Thu Aug 27 12:35:09 PDT 2015

Due to pressing questions from my techsupport colleagues and others I have returned to this topic.

I have downloaded the WiX source to attempt to see why Microsoft.Tools.WindowsInstallerXml.Unbinder.Unbind would leak temporary files.

There is a Unbinder.DeleteTempFiles() available. Do *I* have to call *that* after Unbind? That's not obvious (one would hope not!). Internally Unbind makes use of TempFileCollection objects but I do not know this class well enough. Does simply having one with its temporary directory set clean up *any* files within that directory when the object is disposed, or just the ones added to the collection via AddFile and such? If it is the latter, this explains why Unbind leaks, since there is no AddFile that I can see, merely a reference to the directory. 

There's the interesting twist to all of this that only *some* machines seem to behave this way at all. There's at least one techsupport machine (which has the user-level stuff installed for support reasons) which does seem to clean up "correctly".

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