[wix-users] VS2013 Integration use of MSBuild $(variables)

Sultan, Jan Jan.Sultan at baslerweb.com
Tue Aug 25 09:56:27 PDT 2015


I'm using 3.09.1208 and the VS2013 integration, which is indeed very neat.

Today I stumbled across a minor issue.
When you change project properties (right-click on the project and select Properties) and enter MSBuild variables like MyProject_$(Platform) in the Output Filename textbox.
They will be stored escaped in the wixproj file "MyProject_$(Platform)"  -> "MyProject__%24%28Platform%29" which of course disables the variable replacement.

You can workaround the issue the by editing the wixproj in a text editor.
Unless you change the contents of the textbox containing the variable it won't get escaped again, even when you change other settings.


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